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How window repair works
A window includes 3 things, a frame made up of steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl or fiberglass, components, such as hinges or cranks to open or mechanics to allow the glass to slide, and the glass, in single, dual, or triple pane The glass alone can always be replaced, not repaired. A window is considered to "repaired" when the glass is replaced.

However, on a dual pane unit, if only one of the pieces of glass is cracked or fogged up, both pieces of glass must be replaced in order to maintain the integrity and benefits of the dual pane unit as a whole. When dual pane glass looks foggy, the seal for that unit has "failed". And yes, that happens more often than you would think. A dual pane, or "insulated" glass unit is made up two pieces of glass, a spacer bar (made up of either aluminum or butyl), desiccant, and one, sometimes two, seals. First, two pieces of glass are cut to desired size and thickness, and checked for any detects or flaws. It is very important that each piece of glass be cleaned in a dust free, air filtered environment. Next, the two pieces of glass are put together and sealed, if a smudge or fingerprint, or even a large piece of lint or dust is caught in between the two pieces of glass, the unit must be thrown away and remade.

Aluminum spacers that will serve to separate the two pieces of glass are made, prepared and cut into four pieces for the two sides, a top and a bottom. Spacers are made to be hollow and then filled with “desiccant”- small round balls that look like bird seed. Desiccant will absorb moisture and prevent the panes from fogging up. For unit assembly, one of the piece of glass is laid flat, then the four pieces of aluminum spacers that have been connected at all four corners, will be placed on top of the piece of glass, and the final piece of glass will be placed on top of the aluminum spacer bar. A very hot, rubber like material called "butyl" is pumped around the edge of the dual pane unit out of a machine to seal the dual pane unit.

Dual seal units are also available. These units are sealed with a second coat of silicone placed around the outside giving the dual pane unit a second layer of protection. It is not the practice of every glass manufacturer to provide a dual seal insulated unit, but they are available. Dual seal is an extra layer of protection from the elements. As hard as we try, and with all the precautions taken at the factory, dual pane insulated units at times can still fail, resulting in condensation and ultimately, a foggy look. Dual seal units fail less often than single seal dual pane units and therefore come with a longer warranty.

Once the insulated dual pane unit has been sealed, and had a proper amount of time to cool, it is put into a room that is blocked from all light. Each dual pane unit is placed on a table with a black light shining up through the glass from underneath. This process allows the manufacturer to see any flaws, smudges or fingerprints that have sneaked by an earlier inspection. If an perfection is found not to be within industry standards, the unit is thrown into recycling, and the entire process is started over.

Dual pane units can be installed in 3-5 days, as dual pane units are not manufactured in Flagstaff. We come to your home or place of business and measure the window that is in need of a new dual pane unit. We have factory certified installers, and will always guarantee that the dual pane unit ordered for your window will be the proper width, height, and thickness. If your broken glass has left you with a exposed opening, for no additional charge we will gladly install a temporary board to cover the opening until your glass arrives.
The Window Replacement Process  
THE ROCK Glass & Mirror Company employs Factory Certified Window Installers. Owner, Damon Cundiff, even spent 3 ½ years training window dealers to become factory certified. We allow you to deal directly with the window distributors and do NOT mark up your window prices. We charge ONLY for window installation. 

Here’s how the process works, step by step:
1.  Call for a FREE consultation for exact pricing or request an email quote for an estimate.
2.  We will measure your existing window(s) inside and out. 
3.  Next, we will fully explain your window options and answer all your questions to ensure you make an educated decision on the best windows for you, your home, and your budget. 
4.  We let you deal directly with the window distributor, in order to get the best price and the brands your desire. We do not mark up window prices! We charge only for installation.  
5.  We handle the ordering of your window selections, take full responsibility for ordering them properly, at the correct size, thickness, and type.
6.  The window distributors will call us when your windows arrive. We pick them up, and bring them to you for installation.

Everything we do – up until a purchase decision is made, is always FREE of charge. It is our policy that even after we set up a time to meet, measurements have been taken, and even after we have shown you some of your window options and have given you an estimate, if at any time you decide for any reason “replacement windows” are not for you, we will gladly leave you with a business card and a handshake – and we hope you will remember us when the time is right or possibly refer us to a friend or family member.

Energy Efficient Windows
The estimated amount of heat or air conditioning lost through the windows in the average home is somewhere between 15 – 40%. New, energy efficient windows have double, if not triple pane windows with Low E glass, and possibly argon gas filled, and will increase the energy efficiency of your home. If you're tired of taping plastic over your windows every winter to stop heat loss, these window are for you. Low E, short for low-emittance, have microscopically thin, virtually invisible, coatings made of metal or metallic oxide layers. They are deposited on a window's glazing surface to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiative heat flow. 

So, what does this REALLY mean? Low E glass is a type of treated glass that conducts visible light while controlling the passage of heat. This glass is an energy efficient way to control the heat being allowed in and out of a home or environment. Different types of Low E glass are available to meet the needs of varying climates. Heat transferred through glass is measured by the U-factor. This is the rate at which glass conducts non-solar heat flowing through it. The lower the U-factor rating, the more energy efficient the glass. Low-e glass allows visible light to pass through, but blocks heat-generating and ultraviolet light, requiring less artificial heating or cooling to keep a room at the desired temperature.

This glass works by reflecting heat back to its source. All objects and people give off varying forms of energy, affecting the temperature of a space. Long wave radiation energy is heat, and short wave radiation energy is visible light from the sun. The coating used to make Low E glass works to transmit short wave energy, allowing light in, while reflecting long wave energy to keep heat in the desired location.

Low E is now available in what is called – Low E squared, or Low E2. In simple terms, this means the sealed, dual pane unit is coated on both sides, interior and exterior. Low E Glass helps keep your home cooler in the summer, as well as helping to keep a good amount of the heat inside your home in the winter.

Window Components
What window parts are involved when we replace your windows? We will determine the best option for you based on which parts will need to be replaced determined by your current window structure, the new window you desire, as well as your home’s wall conditions. A variety of options exists, including the following:

1. Replacing the sash kits. Many manufacturers offer replacement sash kits, which include jamb liners to insure good operability and fit. This particular method allows for fairly easy installation, and can offer significant savings.
2. Inserting windows into the existing frame - this is also known as “Retrofitting”. The old sash, side jambs and trim are removed, but the original frame is left in place. The new window is inserted into this opening.
3. Full window replacement – The existing frame is removed and the new window is placed into the same position that was occupied by the original window. This is a great time to address any other problems that may have occurred around the old frame, such as water damage, air infiltration, repair improper installation of original flashing and so on.

New Construction Windows vs. Window Replacement: The difference between a window manufactured for new construction, and a window manufactured for replacement are two things. – a new construction window will be shipped with a nail fin. This is the industry standard way of installing a window into a home that is currently being framed, or under construction. The window is set into the opening and nailed into place. Eventually that nailing fin will be covered up by wood or vinyl siding, or sometimes stucco. 

A replacement window is manufactured with a flush – fin. This is an extrusion that enables the window to be slid inside of an existing, older window frame without the labor intensive process of removing the siding, or cutting out stucco to get to the old, nail on window, removed for replacement.

We can help! Tell us your  ideas and we’ll help you design a plan that will look special, well thought out, and sure to get lots of compliments. Certified Glaziers train for years learning how to properly cut and install glass and mirrors. Whether it is a standard ¼” mirror, rectangle in shape that will rest on a back splash in your bathroom,or a custom shaped wall of mirrors to grace a dance studio or exercise facility, THE ROCK Glass and Mirror Companybrings skill and 22 years of experience to your project. “I have seen the same scenario for years,” says Damon Cundiff, owner. “There are so many homes, apartments, hotels and even restaurants where I see that someone just cut a mirror and glued it to the wall.” 

In 22 years, we have helped design, fabricate and install literally hundreds of bathroom mirrors for homes and businesses, and have had the privilege of being able to mirror complete rooms for everything from gymnastics studios, to martial arts studios. We have even created a stack of 4 inch polished mirror circles for a customer who wanted very modern, mirrored coasters for glasses and coffee mugs. Got an idea? Let’s hear it, because we’re ready! We stock all sorts of sizes of large sheets of mirror, and do all of our cutting in-house. 

How much it will a custom mirror cost? Call us and we are happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and give you a price quote on your customer mirror project, and of course, estimates and quotes are always FREE. Sometimes, good advice really can be FREE! 
Shower Doors & Bath Tub Enclosures
THE ROCK Glass & Mirror Company is very proud to have been the exclusive Agalite Shower & Bath Enclosures distributor in Northern Arizona since 1998. We could be carrying several shower door suppliers, but instead we have deliberately chosen to carry only Agalite showers doors for 14 years. Why? All shower enclosures are not created equal, not even close. 

The first reason we prefer to only carry Agalite Shower & Bath Enclosures is their vast selection. They have an unlimited amount of configurations available. From simple, single hinged shower doors, to a framed, or frameless design slider, or custom tub enclosure. Shower doors are available in glass from 3/16 of an inch, to ½ of an inch thick. Agalite shower doors and bath tub enclosures come in all kinds of different frame colors, glass designs and heights. We can always match the shower door that you like to the color of your bathroom faucets and fixtures, as well as help you pick out a shower door that will compliment your bathroom. Take a look at our gallery of shower door and bath enclosure pictures, as well as the link to explore the world of all the Agalite Shower & Bath Enclosure options. 

We provide shower doors for every single need, want and budget. Even on a tight budget, ALL Agalite shower door and tub enclosures are guaranteed for life. Shower doors are made up of many components, and Agalite Shower & Bath Enclosures are made of superior, high grade aluminum, that is extruded, not “roll formed”. If you are not familiar with the difference – a “roll form” is a process in which aluminum parts and pieces are manufactured using exactly that – formed out of a roll. This type of manufacturing is how so many shower door and window manufactures can keep the high cost of production down to a minimum. The result, is a shower door that is made up of parts and pieces, similar to a soda can. Agalite bath enclosures and shower doors are what is referred to as “extruded” aluminum. It is raw, liquid aluminum that is pushed through a certain cut out to form an extrusion, not a roll. As with every product we sell or service, we will measure your existing bath tub or shower that is in need of a new shower door, and provide you with options, design assistance and a fair and honest quote, and always FREE of charge.
Proudly Serving Flagstaff, Williams, Munds Park, and Sedona.
"Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed.
We don't believe in cutting corners or taking short cuts, 
and 'good enough' just isn't even close."
-THE ROCK Glass & Mirror Co. Owner, Certified Glazier, Damon Cundiff
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Great service, professionals 
Very professional, great service and very pleasant installers (Phillip and Spencer). Price was right and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality glass company servicing the Flagstaff area.

Pat I. of Flagstaff, AZ

Windows work GREAT!
The Rock Glass and Mirror replaced the balances in my windows and now they work better than they ever did. The windows never did work right since our home was built. They fixed the problem that our builder couldn't fix. But now they work GREAT!!! Scheduling the repairs and completing the work went very smooth. I would recommend this company and will use them again for any window needs that I may have.

​Bruce O. of Flagstaff, AZ

Fast, reliable, quality workmanship.
ROCK Glass & Mirror provided outstanding customer service with professionalism from beginning to end. The entire process was smooth, seamless, and completely affordable. Thank You.

Shawn F. of Flagstaff, AZ

Great service
Fast service on getting double pane replacement. Friendly and courteous staff. Reasonable prices.  

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Excellent profesional people!
I've had two large glass pieces installed from the Rock and both times I was very pleased at the workmanship and friendliness of the people. I found there prices very competitive. Thanks!!! 

Mike M. of Flagstaff,  AZ

Great service, Quick response.
They gave us a quote, ordered the glass and got our new window fixed up all before Home Depot would have been able to get someone to our house for the first time. Thanks! 

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